Wondering Where to Buy Waterfront Property?

If you are wanting to buy waterfront property with easy access to city amenities, the Redlands Coast region has much to offer.

Being in south-east Queensland means that the area has the perfect climate all year round, which lends itself to living by the water and enjoying the great outdoors.

The Redlands Coast is situated approximately halfway between the Brisbane CBD and the Gold Coast, with several suburbs such as Thorneside, Ormiston, Cleveland, Victoria Point and Redland Bay fringing the shoreline.

There are also two canal estates – Raby Bay in Cleveland, and Aquatic Paradise in Birkdale – as well as opportunities to buy waterfront property on one of the nearby islands.

Waterfront Lifestyle

When you buy waterfront property, one of the benefits is feeling like you’re on holiday every day of the year!

There is something so truly magical about waterfront living, good for body and soul. Did you know that living near bodies of water is associated with lower levels of stress?

Whether your idea of relaxation is sipping a beverage from your balcony while taking in the views, or taking a more active approach such as boating, kayaking, jet skiing or fishing, the Redlands Coast is a great place to fulfil your dreams of waterfront living.

Return on Investment

On a more practical note, the limited supply of waterfront property means that it is always in demand. As a result, waterfront property retains its value and tends to appreciate at much higher rates than standard residential allotments.

Waterfront homes are also incredibly popular in the rental market, particularly with those relocating from overseas or out of state.

Whether you want to rent, sell or buy waterfront property in the Redlands, talk to the team at First National Cleveland. We put you first!