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    Nov '16

    How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent
    Cherelle Taylor Posted by
    Cherelle Taylor

    Finding the right real estate agent is essential to successfully selling your home. Reputation, expertise, trust, experience and dedication are all key attributes you should look for. But with so many agents on the market, it can be difficult to make a well-informed decision.

    Your property is one of the biggest and most important assets you will sell, so you should do everything you can to ensure the process is a success. Follow this step-by-step guide to simplify your search for a reputable real estate agent.

    Step 1: Do Your Research

    Take the time to research all the agents operating in and around your area, beginning with a simple Google search. Determine their approach, values and the types of properties they specialise in. Think about what services you are specifically looking for. Property agents can:
    • Provide advice about pricing
    • Explain the state of the property market
    • Outline a strategy to market your home
    • Find buyers and host open house inspections
    • Negotiate the sale
    Narrow your list down by shortlisting agents who appear capable of meeting your needs and priorities. Look at their listings, previous sales and how they market their properties and agency.

    Step 2: Choose Local

    Understanding the local property marketplace is a huge advantage. A property agent with strong local knowledge will have invested time and energy into understanding the area. They should know about local schools, zoning, public transport routes, shopping, demographics and potential competition, all of which are very important for the marketing process. The more local the agency is the better. If you’re selling a property in Cleveland, for example, it would be far more beneficial to work with a Cleveland real estate agent than a Brisbane firm.

    Step 3: Visit Inspections

    How an agent engages with buyers is crucial to a successful sale. Go to open house inspections your shortlisted agents are running to see how they present properties and interact with potential buyers. Do you like their communication style and approach? Were they proactive in identifying features of the home? Could they comfortably answer all your questions about the property? Was everything timely and organised? Take note of their marketing tactics, their professionalism and whether they’re amiable. Make a choice based on whether you’d be comfortable working with them and find their approach appropriate.

    Step 4: Test Their Knowledge

    Once you find a property agent you like, meet with them and ask a lot of questions. Your agent should have good market knowledge. They should also be truthful, open to your requirements and concerns and genuinely interested in meeting your needs. Ask about their experience, how well they know the specific area, how many properties they have listed and how many properties they’ve recently sold. Ask them to take you through case studies and talk you through the sales process. Make sure you’re provided with clear benchmarks, real data and results.

    Step 5: Appoint the Agent

    Once you’ve found the ideal agent, ask them what they think will work best for your property, what strategies they use and how they can be customised to suit your requirements. A written agreement should be drawn up covering total fees, charges and the expenses you can expect when the property is sold.

    Consider how flexible you want it to be and include provisions where necessary. Read the agreement carefully and seek legal advice before signing if there are any aspects you’re unsure about.

    If you have any questions about choosing a real estate agent or selling property in Redlands, call us on 07 3286 6888, visit us in our office or speak to one of our agents online.

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