Pete Turnbull

Pete Turnbull Marketing Manager

In a competitive business it’s always important to align oneself with the very best operators in your industry. First National Cleveland is very excited to bring on board the very best person in Redland City when it comes to photography, videography, social media content & graphic design.

First National Cleveland offers all our sellers the best talent in the industry exclusively to ensure we have the advantage over all local competition. For over a decade Pete Turnbull has serviced the very best agents in the Redlands & has provided some of the best digital campaigns for various agents across all brands. NOW, First National Cleveland will have Pete Turnbull’s talent exclusively for all our sellers to ensure if you list with First National Cleveland your home will standout over your competition through Pete Turnbull’s superior digital marketing skills.

This was an opportunity too good to miss, both for our sellers wanting an edge in the market & also for our agents who are always looking for a point of difference on what we can offer our clients to separate First National Cleveland from our competition.

Whether you’re a seller wanting to ensure your home is captured and advertised in an ever-changing market and you want your home to stand out more or you’re an agent that prides yourself on how your client’s property is seen in the marketplace – Pete Turnbull and First National Cleveland working exclusively together is a combination which we encourage you to be a part of.

You get one opportunity to have a first impression in the marketplace; the difference to a homeowner can be tens of thousands in price when done property and the difference between a mediocre campaign for an agent and a five-star campaign (which Pete is known for) can be the difference of a sale or repeat business from your sellers as the marketing agent.