Real Estate Capalaba

Thinking of buying or renting in Capalaba? The suburb forms part of the boundary between Brisbane City and the Redlands Coast, so is conveniently placed with easy access to the amenities of both.
The name "Capalaba" stems from an Indigenous word relating to the ringtail possum, with these animals likely the most common residents when the suburb was named in 1927. While we don't know how many possums live in Capalaba today, we do know that the human population has exploded from not quite 500 people then, to 17 000 now!

Amenities and Transport

There is a large bus network connecting Capalaba with much of the Redlands, as well as Brisbane’s CBD and eastern suburbs.
Capalaba features major business and retail centres, as well as plenty of recreational, cultural and community facilities. There are plenty of parks, sporting fields and clubs as well as State and Catholic schools.
The north of the suburb is a hive of shopping and commercial precincts, but this gives way to more rural, acreage, and bushland.

Residential Options

Capalaba’s housing stock primarily consists of stand alone houses, although there are also units, apartment and townhouse complexes especially close to the two major shopping centres, Capalaba Park and Capalaba Central.
According to the most recent Census, 75% of Capalaba’s residents live in their own home, with 25% in rental accommodation.
Like most areas of Brisbane and its surrounds, property prices have risen considerably in recent months, however, it still remains a reasonably affordable area to buy a property. 
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