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    Why It’s Better to Sell Your House through an Agency
    Cherelle Taylor Posted by
    Cherelle Taylor

    Using a real estate agent is not a requirement if you want to sell a property. For this reason, many sellers think it’s a good idea to save costs by doing it all themselves. But selling a property is a complex and time-consuming process and the market is not as simple as you may think.

    Experienced real estate agents can navigate these complexities, using their expertise and resources to sell properties quickly and for the best possible price.

    Like representing yourself in court instead of using a lawyer, foregoing professional services is possible but it will likely put you at a significant disadvantage. Below we outline the benefits of using a real estate agent to sell your home.

    Market Knowledge

    An experienced real estate agent will be able to conduct a precise valuation. This will be informed by previous experience selling in the area and an understanding of market fluctuations, trends and demand.

    Real estate agents have vast professional networks and extensive computer databases that can help bolster this knowledge and provide quick solutions. All this specialised information makes the process of achieving an ideal and realistic sale price possible.


    Buyers are often sceptical of private sellers, thinking they have something to hide. Using a real estate agent offers your sale credibility and a sense of legitimacy. Buyers can feel assured that the sales process will be smooth and professionally conducted when dealing with a reputable agent.

    Real estate agents are also effective at handling the negotiation process, which can often be stressful for buyers who have an emotional attachment to their property. Bargaining skills and impartiality tend to lead to a better deal overall.

    Navigating Paperwork

    Selling a property involves navigating a mountain of regulations, paperwork and bureaucratic red tape. Buyers can find themselves overwhelmed by the number of forms, reports and disclosures that are full of industry acronyms and jargon.

    Real estate agents complete these formalities as part of their day to day jobs, meaning they have the experience and knowledge to handle this aspect of the sales process quickly and accurately. They will also ensure the process is conducted legally and ethically.


    Achieving the greatest possible exposure to the widest range of qualified buyers is essential to a successful sale. A real estate agent can list your property on multiple advertising websites, signs, fliers and papers.

    They’ll determine the best combination, create a professional looking advertisement, and distribute it cost-effectively through the appropriate channels. You’ll have a clear idea of what costs to expect and the amount of exposure you’ll gain from it.

    Reduced Risk

    There are multiple legal and ethical considerations that need to be met when selling a home. By using an agent, much of the risk is transferred away from the seller. An agent will offer guidance on what you need to be aware of and ensure you won’t be held liable for anything that goes wrong.

    If you’ve got a house to sell in Cleveland, get in touch with our friendly team. We’re a Cleveland-based property agency with extensive experience selling property across Redlands city. Call us today on 07 3286 6888, visit us at our office or speak to one of our agents online.

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